Why Sandsoxx

Granulation Throughout

Granulation Throughout

Granulation throughout the insole to disperse pressure and increase circulation.

Adjustable Compression

Adjustable Compression

Adjustable compression- to exact specifications of for the individual’s current needs.

Hot or Cold

Hot or Cold

Hot or Cold option: cool off inflammation, or heat to increase circulation

Feet are the foundation of your body. Keeping your feet healthy- helps keep you healthy!

Treatment + prevention of activity related injuries on the rise ($10 Billion in 2021).

Foot pain is a major issue because of our increased rate of activity and poor choice of footwear.

The human foot has 26 bones, 30 major joints, 107 ligaments, and 19 muscles and tendons.

No two people have the same type of foot or gait; however, foot problems are experienced by people in a very similar way.

What People Are Saying

“Sandsoxx can provide relief that I was looking for, not just in my feet, but my knees, hips, and back felt the benefits as of a result from wearing them! I absolutely love the ability to heat or cool the insole, and the adjustable compression makes for a customizable fit and treatment that I can get just right. Sandsoxx have been a saving grace for my aching and sore feet and joints, and I never thought that at 40 my body would feel better than it had in years!!! “

“I had the opportunity to try the Sandsoxx during the final testing phase. They are comfortable to wear, and I really like that they can be used as cold or hot. The granulations of Sandsoxx work as “acupuncture” pressure points on the sole of foot to relieve the pain and discomfort after long day of work or walk. I would recommend Sandsoxx to any other Doctor or individuals working in the health care fields.”

“I like Sandsoxx because they have adjustable compression, and I can adjust them differently each time. The insert you can use cold or hot. When my feet are inflamed, I prefer taking the inserts out of the freezer. They help your feet to recover after a long day at work or standing too long. They are instant pain relief. I would recommend Sandsoxx to anybody!"

"Wearing construction boots for 12 hours a day hurts my feet. Sandsoxx helped in several ways: I wear the inserts cooled when I get home from work to cool my feet off and alleviate the pain. It's nice being able control the compression, as the benefits of compression also help relieve my pain. I would recommend this product for anyone with sore feet."

"My long workdays cause me foot pain and discomfort. Ever since I started using Sandsoxx, I have had instant pain relief. The granulated insole eases the discomfort. I value being able to choose to heat or cool the insole as needed."

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Key Benefits

What are the key benefits when using sandsoxx?


Pain Relief

Provides instant pain relief for overuse injuries



Preventative treatment before the injury occurs


Fast Recovery

Quicker recovery for every type of athlete, of all ages