How can Sandsoxx help with Plantar Fasciitis?

How can Sandsoxx help with Plantar Fasciitis?
Plantar fasciitis happens when your plantar fascia is overused or stretched too far.

Anything that damages your plantar fascia can make it swell.

This inflammation makes it painful (sometimes extremely painful) to walk or use your foot.

Sandsoxx helps. How?:

1) the insole is composed of thousands of balls- granulation - which provide acupressure, increase circulation and pain relief

2) these insoles can be heated or cooled - preference

3) the adjustable compression with the actual soxx helps with venous return and recovery

We designed Sandsoxx for all types of foot ailments - plantar fasciitis being one of the most painful.

Sandsoxx helps tremendously with plantar fasciitis pain!